Cloud Security Thoughts

Over the past few years, a majority of technology companies have migrated to the Cloud (or, at least considered moving to the Cloud). Today’s tier-1 Cloud platforms – AWS, Microsoft ...

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Preparing for AWS Migrations – The best practices you should be following

Moving to the Cloud has a lot of benefits. It enhances reliability, scalability, and security while also significantly reducing costs. It’s easy to get drawn into the Cloud computing phenomenon ...

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What Is a Landing Zone & Why Is It Important to a Successful Cloud Migration

Cloud migration might be in vogue, but one has to look beyond the buzzwords and the hyperbole. Anyone who has ever participated in an organization’s shift to the Cloud will ...

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What is Cloud Economics and How to Optimize for a Greater ROI

The vast benefits of Cloud computing make it an easy sell to organizations that are thinking about making a shift. For many, it’s a great way to reduce their IT ...

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Security in AWS Cloud – What You Need to Know to Work Remotely

The way we work has been completely revolutionized by the Internet in just a few decades. Whether it’s communication, collaboration or creation, the Internet has made it easier and faster ...

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The Secret to Saving Money with AWS

Cloud compute expenses consume a healthy portion of a technology or SaaS company’s annual budget, generally from 4% to 12% yearly. Best-in-class companies that are cloud-native and all-in can come ...

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