CloudView Partners Is Giving Back To The Startup Community

We have worked with multiple startups and successfully helped them to reduce their AWS costs while improving their Architecture & Security. We are a startup ourselves (6 years old now 😊) ...

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The Cloud Saves The World

While many in the US are hunkered down in self-quarantine, a new reality is being formed.  It is a reality that many of us Cloud practitioners saw coming a few ...

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Your Career Is Heading For The Cloud

It wasn’t that long ago – back around 2010-2012 when I thought that my career would progress as it always had, through Exchange 2065 running on Windows 2066 (as long ...

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CloudEndure Migration Tips for AWS Migrations

Overview Migrating to AWS requires careful planning, preparation and design. Migration tools help as well, and there are a variety of migration tools out there. CloudEndure is one of the ...

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Farewell to Exchange 2010

Exchange 2010 – we hardly knew you!  For most people reading this, that’s probably pretty far from the truth.  For the 9 years since Exchange 2010 reached general availability on ...

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Should Have Made That Play, and Thoughts on Cloud Adoption

When I was 13, I was in my school Cricket team. In one of the premier local tournaments, we were playing a stronger team in the semifinal. This tournament was ...

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Why are people born on their birthdays and where is the Cloud (IaaS) headed?

As a parent of a 4-year old, I get asked a lot of questions at home. My son has questions for us all day. Papa, why is the fire engine ...

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What Can The Cloud (IaaS) Do For The Rest Of US

The Cloud (IaaS) can help you achieve a wide variety of outcomes for your organization. Some of these are clearly strategic and transformational in nature – Reduce time-to-market for your ...

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Cloud Security Thoughts for the Practitioner

Our math teacher walked up to the class (I forget which grade) and said ‘whoever gets the correct answer first, gets a reward…’ The problem we were asked to work ...

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