Number of Employees*
Annual turnover*
Number of people that leave
Number of replacements hired
Changes in the organization*
Total number of offboarding tickets
Total number of onboarding tickets
Total number of AD update tickets (for personnel changes)
Total number of access provisioning tickets (for new hires)
Total number of tickets
Cost to service an onboarding/AD update/offboarding ticket*
Cost to service an access provisioning ticket*
Total cost for servicing tickets (for FTEs)
How many contractors that need IT access do you onboard/offboard per year*
Total contractors onboarded during the year
Total number of contractor onboarding tickets
Total number of contractor offboarding tickets
Total number of contractor access provisioning tickets
Total cost of servicing tickets (for Contractors)
Cost to the organization for servicing onboarding and offboarding tickets
How many hours in lost productivity per new employee and per new contractor *
Average cost*
Cost from lost productivity of new hires and new contractors
IT management time costs by having to actively track and manage the onboarding process*
IT management cost per hour*
Total cost for IT management
Total actual costs to the organization per year